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New Article Stub – Recycling



I decided to start adding article stubs. These stubs will function as seeds that I will improve and expand upon as I feel inspired to do so. The first article I have readied for stub status is a short series of thoughts and opinions about recycling. Click here to read the full article.


Today I encountered the second most fearless person I have ever observed (first is reserved). I witnessed a very pretty blind girl with her blind persons cane tapping down the middle of  wide courtyard, she was moving pretty quick. In her shirt pocket she had an iPod and it’s headphones in her ears. She was essentially blind and deaf and in a very crowded place. I would have attempted to make friends with her but I estimated that getting her attention could be at least hard and at most dangerous.

Short bus aside, she is among the kind of friends I want.

City of Violence


City of Violence is more then just violence, it’s about drunken violence. The guys pictured above are so hardcore they defeated two dozen butchers with extra long cleavers using only wooden sticks shaped like swords. City of Violence is an exciting romp through a South Korean slum equipped with themed gangs, like the girls in school uniforms and the guys in baseball uniforms – fun stuff. Oh I almost forgot the other things like love, friendship, betrayal, honor and stylish clothing. But I bet most of you are more interested in the awesome kungfu and that guy who kills all the cops at the police station with his feet so he can dump paint thinner out of a plastic water cooler jug onto a kid in a cage and than burn him.

Traffic School


Traffic School was beyond awesome.

Their was this Russian guy that would comment on everything anyone said. When the old women who thought they didn’t belong in the class would complain about fees, he would say “Welcome to America” when they complained about sign placement or poor street paint he would say “Go To Russia – they don’t have that shit”. At lunch he tried to sell me 19″ rims out of his trunk.

Most of the people in attendance were guilty of traffic violations other then speeding. Some of the people in the class attended traffic school every eighteen months (California’s limit). Some people tried to add their own experiences, friends experiences or even their own opinion to everything the teacher covered. One guy told a story of getting a ticket for nearly everything the teacher covered. This one woman named Barbie talked at the teacher the entire time, when I was leaving this big Indian guy associated with the Indian Casino here walked by me and asked if I had fun, then before I could answer he said “Fucking Barbie wont shit up”

The class itself was being held at a Methodist Church – in the Jesus room. The walls were covered with painting and fabric deals of Jesus being holy and glowy. Pretty much every conceivable hobbyist incarnation of Jesus was represented. My folding chair was awesome, something was irritating my back so shifted to the side a bit sliding my back along the back of the chair; my shirt got sliced open; the chair had a screw drilled through the back of it that was just barely poling through the fabric cover. My Six Million Dollar Man t-shirt is so ruined.

Death Proof


One psychopathic stunt man, eight girls, one sexy lap dance, lots of well written girl talk and one fantastic surprise chase sequence at the end.

Death Proof had a lot of references to other Tarantino movies, I didn’t realize how many I missed. The sets and dialog were very interesting, very intelligent and rather depraved. I found the movie itself refreshing and captivating like a train wreck. I really enjoyed the classic muscle cars, the restored Mustang and Challenger and of course the “Death Proofed” Nova and Charger. All said, I enjoined the entire movie – because I’m crazy like that. I wish I had seen the Grindhouse double feature in the theater.



The Internet has made a giant leap in recent years. I had a networking teacher a few ago years who used to say “The internet is a great big bag – of shit” At the time we agreed that the internet’s best quality’s were also it’s strong points, internet gambling and pornography. Now, not only is the internet a fantastic contributor to media and software theft, you can also steal books as well. Trawling the various torrent search sights, I came across active torrents containing over thousand books, thievery inst exclusively for the fool anymore.

The internet also excels as a distribution for free things (or illegal distributed things?). Hosts complete copy’s of 1984, Animal Farm, A Clergyman’s Daughter, Burmese Days, Coming Up for Air, Down and Out in Paris and London, Keep the Aspidistra Flying, Homage to Catalonia, The Road to Wigan Pier as well a number of George Orwell essays I was not perviousy aware of.  The website appears to be a part of a family of websites containing the works of Charles Darwin, Mark Twain, William Shakespeare, and Charles Dickens.



“The gun is good… The penis is evil. The penis shoots seeds, and makes new life, and poisons the earth with a plague of men, as once it was. But the gun shoots death, and purifies the earth of the filth of brutals. Go forth and kill!”

That little gem above was spoken by the flying stone head who delivers guns and grain to the exterminators in the 1974 classic Zardoz starring Sean Connery. Sean Connery plays a “Brutal” who is introduced to a utopian socialist future inhabited by the members of the next stage of human evolution, known as elementals. Elementals cannot die, their body’s are simply replaced (Chronic Inmortality?). Elementals who refuse to conform are punished with senility. Sean Connery has sex with all the women and break the system. Exciting no? It’s clear Zardoz did not age well, but still worth seeing when inebriated.

Zardoz is an excellent reminder that dystopia is utopia forced upon you by a madman.

Action is Everything

Total Commitment
Accept No Excuses
Never Surrender - Never Relent
Resist Ignorance
Survivability is Security
More is Never Enough
You Are What You Do
More and Faster
Self Sufficient Is Inefficient