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Financial Crisis (Worse then it looks!)

1. When stocks crash, no one gets the money – it simply evaporates. The S&P and DOW have lost 40% in the last twelve months. That money is gone. Even at an unimaginable growth rate of 9% it will still take ten years to recover to the 2007 values.

2. When investment banks crash the loanable money market contracts forcing loan interest rates higher – making your home, car and credit cards more expensive.

3. The money in your freezer and under your mattress isn’t safe. Once Barack Obama is elected, congress will begin to pass Keynesian legislation where the federal government issues treasure bonds to the federal reserve in order to fund economic stimulus packages. This is equivalent to printing more money and in turn causes inflation which devalues your savings – thats right – your dollar will be worth less then it was when you initially saved it.

4. When the government issues more money – they are stealing from you – they are devaluing the your money and everyone else’s money in the devalued difference.

5. It isn’t near over! Their are still plenty of domestic and foreign financial crashes blooming. Their are still plenty of politicians around the world who are looking to cash in politically, to get elected by cooking up economic stimulus packages! Their will be politicians around the world for the next decade wining landslide elections and stealing your money to the sound of applause.

6. How can you protect your money? Buy property! Get a fixed interest rate – once Obama is elected and his economic policy’s devalue the dollar, the value of your loan will decrease, you will be in effect be paying less for your property.

I’m now accepting student loans from the government, I am fully excepting the value of my loan to drastically devalue do to inflation long before it becomes due. Thats me stealing from you.

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