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Ghetto Banking (Bank of Frank and Wells Fargo)

I recently took a friend to buy a car. Went into the ghetto car dealer’s office to find out about financing a loan for the car, they ran her credit and it came back approved by some ghetto bank that wanted to charge a financing fee. The sales manager told us he would find a better loan and he picked up the phone; he explained the situation, listened, and hung up. He turned to my friend and said that Frank would carry the loan if she paid sticker price. We left.

A few hours later over at Wells Fargo she was turned down with above average credit for a loan of three thousand dollars. The loan officer seemed very surprised; he thought it was no big deal. I’m scared, I had no idea the loanable funds market was so contracted that above average credit micro loans were considered subprime. Is Wells Fargo next?

Obama Picks all Washington Insiders for his Cabinet (SO MUCH FOR CHANGE)

Okay maybe it’s change… but it’s a few steps backwards. His cabinet picks read like a who’s who of the 90’s, a center right shift to friends of Bill Clinton. And, Instead of calling his appointees Washington insiders, the President Elect calls them Washington experience. So much for “Change” … maybe “Hope” will do better… make sure you know what you’re wishing for… (and voting for)

Secretary of State -> Hillary Clinton (Former First Lady, Junior New York Senator and Serious Presidential Primary Contender)
Secretary of Health and Human Services -> Tom Daschle (Former Democratic Senate Majority Leader)
Secretary of Commerce -> Gov. Bill Richardson (Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, appointed by Former President Bill Clinton)
Chairmen of Economic Recovery Advisory Board -> Paul Volcker (Former Chairman of the Federal Reserve, Appointed by Former President Jimmy Carter)
Secretary of Defense-> Robert Gates (Current Secretary of Defense Appointed by President Bush)
Secretary of Homeland Security -> Gov. Janet Napolitano (Former Bill Clinton Appointee)

That’s the first half – the President Elect hasn’t leaked/announced the second half of his Cabinet yet.

Action is Everything

Total Commitment
Accept No Excuses
Never Surrender - Never Relent
Resist Ignorance
Survivability is Security
More is Never Enough
You Are What You Do
More and Faster
Self Sufficient Is Inefficient