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Comrade Obama sets CEO salary caps!

Comrade Obama is setting maximum salary for employees of companies who are receiving bailout money. Salaries can no longer exceed $500,000. Seems responsible and fair doesn’t it? They are the ones who made the mess; they are the ones who should be punished right? And besides, $500,000 is a lot of money isn’t it? It’s way too much pay, right? Especially since CEO’s don’t do the actual work, right?

Companies compete for CEO’s, they compete for decision makers. Limiting CEO pay will be the end of these companies; all upper management (people who make more than $500,000 a year) will be recruited by other companies, leaving only people who are incapable of the strategic thinking necessary to successfully manage such large companies. These companies will become headless monsters run by politicians, and politicians are renowned for not being able to balance budgets.

But wait! We can’t let these people leave these companies! They need to fix what they did! They are the only ones who know how to manage these companies! We need to make it illegal for them to quit their jobs! Right? Wrong. The road to communism is paved with good intentions…..

Consensus Decision Making

Consensus Decision Making is relevant to Business Communication because it is essential to identify people who are willing to compromise when one intends to negotiate. Identifying them requires understanding their methods.

I reject this sort of decision making myself, on the ground’s that seeking consensus often requires compromising one’s own objectives. I would only compromise my position or objectives if I was not confident about the principles that I based them on. If I found consensus despite being confident, then I would be marginalizing my position and objectives in exchange for a better opportunity to have elements of them accepted. I would in effect be agreeing to lose in exchange for everyone else agreeing to lose as well. Understanding whom you are communicating with and identifying methods of communication and decision making can only benefit you. I found the article and associated articles interesting and relevant.

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