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Government manipulation of the American money supply over the last 208 years.

208 years of Monetary manipulation.

Individual Norwegian tax records are now public record.

Norwegian government make personal tax information public record.

Lutefisk and loot: Tax records open in Norway – Yahoo! News

Newspaper weekly circulation continues to slip

23 of the 25 top newspapers weekly circulation continue to slip, average of 10.6% in six months. Against the liberal slide, the Wall Street Journal expands weekly circulation.

Top 25 Daily Newspapers in New FAS-FAX

Congress moves to steal more money with inflation

Congress moves to increase national debt limit by an additional trillion dollars – a move to devalue existing money by a trillion dollars. Your savings isn’t safe.

Dems seek cover to boost debt limit – Manu Raju –

Congress threatens the American Medical Association

Congress threatens a 21% decrease to what doctors can charge for their service, unless the American Medical Association agrees to Universal Healthcare.

The Associated Press: Analysis: Courting doctors in health care battle

Taxes hidden in retail prices

All products have hidden taxes, 13 Consumer goods and what percentage of their price is tax. For example, 51.20% of the price of Gasoline is tax.

Americans for Tax Reform Center for Fiscal Accountability

Wage Contractions

States begin to lower minimum wages in attempt to slow new unemployment.

Colorado minimum wage to drop as living costs fall

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