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Federal Government fails to renew START1 (Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty)

First the our Government abandons Poland and Czechoslovakia on the 70th anniversary of the coordinated Soviet (Russian) and Nazi invasion of Poland which started the Second World War. Now it turns out that our Government has also backed out of monitoring Russian ICBM production, a critical element in enforcing the START treaty.

Financial Crisis (Worse then it looks!)

1. When stocks crash, no one gets the money – it simply evaporates. The S&P and DOW have lost 40% in the last twelve months. That money is gone. Even at an unimaginable growth rate of 9% it will still take ten years to recover to the 2007 values.

2. When investment banks crash the loanable money market contracts forcing loan interest rates higher – making your home, car and credit cards more expensive.

3. The money in your freezer and under your mattress isn’t safe. Once Barack Obama is elected, congress will begin to pass Keynesian legislation where the federal government issues treasure bonds to the federal reserve in order to fund economic stimulus packages. This is equivalent to printing more money and in turn causes inflation which devalues your savings – thats right – your dollar will be worth less then it was when you initially saved it.

4. When the government issues more money – they are stealing from you – they are devaluing the your money and everyone else’s money in the devalued difference.

5. It isn’t near over! Their are still plenty of domestic and foreign financial crashes blooming. Their are still plenty of politicians around the world who are looking to cash in politically, to get elected by cooking up economic stimulus packages! Their will be politicians around the world for the next decade wining landslide elections and stealing your money to the sound of applause.

6. How can you protect your money? Buy property! Get a fixed interest rate – once Obama is elected and his economic policy’s devalue the dollar, the value of your loan will decrease, you will be in effect be paying less for your property.

I’m now accepting student loans from the government, I am fully excepting the value of my loan to drastically devalue do to inflation long before it becomes due. Thats me stealing from you.

Passive Aggressive Tyranny v. the Second Amendment

On July 11th the Supreme Court ruled that the second amendment is constitutional. Four of the five supreme legal authorities within our country find our constitution unconstitutional. Specifically the sole article within our constitution designed to physically protect the minority from the majority. The second amendment protects me from trendy politics; it protects me from majority rule. When I hear of new “gun control” legislation designed to ban cheap guns, I see legislation attacking the poor; I see the majority denying the poor their right to self-defense. I know people who would never defend themselves, who instead use secret ballots to strip me of my freedoms, my very right to defend myself from secret ballots and the four Supreme Court Justices who find the Constitution unconstitutional. In economic terms every successful attack on the second amendment lowers the cost of our own oppression. If John Kerry had been elected president he would have appointed a liberal judge when chief justice Rehnquist died who would have voted in favor of supporting the District of Columbia’s very sensible however illegal ban on hand gun ownership. If John Kerry had been elected, the Supreme Court would have a majority of justices who find our Constitution unconstitutional.

History repeats itself, and that’s how it goes.

The old oppress the young.

McCain vs Hope

Presidential candidate John McCain might have found his political stride by associating himself to a popular Republican President of the past. Theodore Roosevelt’s moderate legacy of reform, environmentalism and tough foreign policy are the revered hallmarks of his 1901 to 1909 presidency. McCain might also cash in on confusions between the Roosevelts among moderate democrats who are susceptible to Barack Obama’s policy of hope.

I can’t think of any past presidential race with two weaker candidates.

Anyway, sorry it’s been so long since I have posted – I have been cheating on you with my other blogs.

Global Warming – Fact or Fiction?


I came across a very interesting website today. Instead of picking a side on the global warming issues, Climate Change Daily collects news and devides it into columns depending on which side of the debate the article leans to.

Stop listening to the news, your friends and your teachers and make your own decision. If you don’t care enough to read this site then you don’t know enough to have a position.

Climate Change Daily

Who does your money belong to?


Is a man not entitled to the sweat of his own brow?

No, says the man in Washington. It belongs to the poor.
No, says the man in the Vatican. It belongs to God.
No, says the man in Moscow. It belongs to everyone.

The above was stated by the fictional character Andrew Ryan in the video game Bioshock.

Below is the 2007 Federal Government Budget. 58% of Federal Income is Spent on wealth redistribution Social Security, Income Security, Medicare and Health; all services which I don’t qualify for which I pay for which I can’t afford because I have to pay tax’s so people who do qualify can collect on these services. Who does your money belong to?


The Pacific War


Sixty-six years ago the Japanese committed to and initiated a war unlike any fought in the history of the world. No war compares to the scale of the Pacific war between the United States and Japan, stretching north to the Aleutian islands, south to Australia, east to Hawaii and west to Burma. The Japanese knew they could not win a total war against the United States, however they believed the could deal enough damage to the United States Navy to force American concessions. They might have been correct, we will never know; the Aircraft carriers happened to be at sea when the Japanese struck Pearl Harbor. Instead of destroying American sea power at Pearl Harbor, the pilots resorted to secondary objectives – the obsolete battleships built to fight the German High Seas Fleet during the first world war.

Americas response was a commitment to the total defeat of Japan. Japan’s fall back strategy in case the Pearl Harbor attack failed was a war of attrition, which Japan could never win, but possibly make the war so expensive in financial and human terms that the United States would come to the negotiating table. The United States never came to the negotiating table, four years later Japan signed the unconditional surrender, bringing an end to the second world war.

As the United States Navy and the Marine Corp readied for the Invasion of Japan which would dwarf the D-Day landings on the Normandy coast. The 509th Composite Group of the United States Army Air Force hijacked the war when the B29 Enola Gay dropped the Atomic Bomb “Little Boy” on the untouched city of Hiroshima Japan, vaporizing 70,000 people and destroying the city in an instant, and eventually killing an additional 60,000 people from after affects. Atomic bombing proved nearly comparable to the firebombing of Tokyo earlier that year which totally destroyed sixteen square miles of the city and killed over 100,000 people.  (compared to 4.4 square miles of total destruction in atomic bombing of Hiroshima)

The government of Japan was so committed that the weapon built to end the second world war needed to by used twice. Japanese scientists had reason to believe America had only one bomb. The Uranium Gun bomb dropped on Hiroshima was so costly and time consuming to produce that the United States in fact only had one, the Japanese authorities correctly surmised after the Bombing of Hiroshima that it would be a long time before another Uranium bomb was produced. However they didn’t foresee that the United States had been simultaneously developing two very different and unrelated atomic bombs. Three days later the city of Nagasaki was destroyed by the Plutonium Implosion bomb. Total war was now obsolete.


Total Commitment Applied


Twenty Five Hundred years ago the city states of Greece faced a massive Persian invasion. Many chose to ally with the advancing Persians rather than be enslaved and destroyed – no doubt the best solution in a desperate time. Some cities refused and lost everything. This option was unavailable to the Athenians because they had dealt such a blow to the Persians in the previous war.

The Athenians had two choices and the city was torn between them. Conscript and equip the men of Attica for a final land battle or a final sea battle – either way the city would be destroyed. The Athenians consulted the oracle at Delphi; they were told they would be destroyed to the last. The indecision consisted without end until that special time once a year when the people of Athens voted to exile a single citizen from the city. Like modern times the demagogues slandered one another until the day of the election. The Athenian people exiled the major proponent for a land based battle. The merchant marine of ancient Athens fanned out across the Aegean Sea in search of raw materials for which to build ships.

With her fleet Athens was evacuated, the city overrun and destroyed. The Athenian allies wavered, the Peloponnesians under Spartan leadership wanted to build a wall at the Isthmus of Corinth where they believed they could hold off the Persians indefinitely with the same spirit they showed at Thermopylae months before, essentially abandoning Attica. The Athenians reminded the Spartans that Thermopylae would have been impossible without the Athenians fleet keeping the Persians from transporting troops by sea behind the fortifications at Thermopylae and that a fortification at the Isthmus could only be maintained if the Athenian fleet remained. Remain it would not if the Peloponnesians abandoned Attica, for the Athenians threatened to board there ships and head for the Italian peninsula safe from the reach of the Persians thus abandoning the Peloponnesians to be overrun by the Persians from the sea.

The Athenian fleet fought and won at the battle of Salamis while the Xerxes and the people of Athens looked on. Xerxes distraught with another defeat at the hands of a much smaller Greek force left his army under the command of a subordinate and departed for Perspolis (the Persian capital, famously burned to the ground by a drunken Alexander the Great). Xerxes army was later defeated by a confederation of Greeks at the Battle of Platea. The Athenians committed to war with the Persians would later liberate the Aegean and Ionia from Persian dominion.

The Athenians were totally committed, are you?

Never Relent – Never Surrender.

Total Commitment


Total Commitment is the complete elimination of all less satisfactory results as viable options. Burn all bridges in both advance and retreat. Deny yourself all deviation. Click here to read the full article.

The Ultimate War

In the event extraterrestrial life is discovered.

Florida from space

The search for extra terrestrial life has succeeded. Radio signals have been detected from a nearby star system.

Humanity is not alone, what do we do know? Click here to read the full article.



Action is Everything

Total Commitment
Accept No Excuses
Never Surrender - Never Relent
Resist Ignorance
Survivability is Security
More is Never Enough
You Are What You Do
More and Faster
Self Sufficient Is Inefficient