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Recycling isn’t such a hot idea right now, it requires more energy to reprocess then it saves. Recycling is inefficient until the constituent inputs required for original production exceed the cost of reprocessing. Don’t forget, recycling is more than just a factory floor. Recycling requires your time to sort, store and deliver. No company would ever engage in consumer recycling; the additional cost of maintaining collection sites, transporting the recyclable to the reprocessing center and buying the recyclable from the consumer is unreasonably expensive in comparison to simply producing new items through an already efficient and specialized production system. Recycling is not profitable if anyone is going to recycle it’s going to be the government under pressure from an environmentalist lobby group. If recycling were profitable we wouldn’t be debating its merit. In the future recycling will be profitable.

Waste landfills are awesome, all the biodegradable stuff rots away and all the metal rusts away leaving us the things that don’t degrade in a reasonable amount of time like Plastics and Glass. This natural process saves us the cost of sorting, and keeps the recyclables in one place for a future date when reprocessing them is profitable.

Things that appear bad for the air usually are until they eventually fall to the ground and are bad for the soil until they are washed into the ocean where they sink to the bottom and are bad for the ocean floor, yet never trouble humanity or our environment again. Remember the famed ozone killer that was all the rage in the late 80’s and 90’s the CFC? It’s the ocean floors problem now. Maybe one day far in the future an industry will exist where it’s profitable to recover pollutants from the bottom of the ocean – no doubt only profitable because the government is paying for it.

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